A new Internet solution for remote communities



Transform your mobile into a satellite phone with Netlite

FREE and low-cost Internet for remote communities

Introduction Video

A short 2-minute teaser video that sets the scene for the introduction of Netlite.

Why is the Internet unavailable to over 50% of the world’s population ?

Over Half of the global population has no access to the internet. Netlite provides a solution.

An Internet solution for remote communities

Netlite Community Internet is a super-fast, low-cost alternative to Broadband Internet that lets many people share a single satellite link. It provides a gigabit high-speed distributed local internet, perfect for remote locations without broadband internet today.

Netlite Availability

The Netlite service is due to start Pilot testing in Africa in 2024. Please send this website to your local, regional, or central government representative to join the Pilot.

Internet for Everyone

The team at Netlite is focused on providing Internet access to people in remote regions who cannot obtain Internet access today. We aim to complement and not compete with existing Internet Providers.

See us at FESTAC in Kenya 19th-26th May 2024

Early Adopter Communities – REGISTER NOW!

To introduce Netlite to your country, please register below.

Android Smartphone

Netlite phones will be available from $40.

Distributed Applications

Web 3.0 distributed apps will be available on the Netlite platform. This will allow person-to-person payments, messages, phone calls & e-commerce without the need for an active network connection.


Netlite phones can connect directly to a satellite when you are out of range of Netlite or cell phone networks. This allows emergency messages to be sent and in time it will support non-emergency messaging.

Digital Currencies & Banking

In selected countries, a free bank account and digital wallet supporting person-to-person offline payments will be made available to clients who hold a passport or an approved local ID card.

The LOW-COST INTERNET Solution for REmote communities

Netlite drastically reduces the cost of Internet provision to remote regions of the world


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Latest News

  • Android Mobile Menu

    Android Mobile Menu

    Netlite Mobile Menu – Demo 240105 This is an example of an upcoming Netlite Application that you can install on your phone to obtain access to all Netlite services.

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  • Early Adopters

    Early Adopters

    We are looking for early adopter countries to sign up to be the first to benefit from Netlite.

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  • Netlite Intro Video

    Netlite Intro Video

    The Netlite introduction video. The video expresses the concern that although we have made great progress in space, yet over half of the population currently have no internet access on Earth. Netlite is a simple solution that will…

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